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Unique colors

Whilst we are looking at this particular bathroom, we thought we'd have some fun and play around with the use of different colors for bathrooms: colors for bathrooms

Instead of the light color used on the walls above the tiles (as in the very first bathroom photograph), we've added an olive green and in the other photograph a terracotta.

Notice how the green on the walls complements the orange of the tiles and picks up the small amounts of green in the wall tiles, which really brings out their beauty. Using the terracotta color on the walls, tiles and floor creates a uniform canvas with the fixtures now becoming the focus.

It all depends on where you want the focus of your bathroom to be. Don't be afraid to experiment with color in your bathroom designs - you are just a coat (or two) of paint away from achieving the perfect look.

Back to the bathroom window curtains - imagine removing the drape and replacing it with a standard fitted blind.

Which of the two bathroom window treatments would you prefer?

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A Practical Tip to plan your Bathroom Window Treatments:

  • Remove your current bathroom window curtain (if you have one up) and take a photograph of your bathroom, facing the window wall.
  • Print of couple of sheets and draw your ideas on that with a permanent marker.

  • It will cost you very little and will help you visualize which proportions, colors and placement will work best.

Go on - get the artist in you going!

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