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Every Bathroom Tile is an Important Element
in Your Bathroom Design.

Your bathroom tile design offers you the flexibility to create almost any effect in your bathroom interior design.

More than just a practical floor or wall covering, tiles can be skillfully used to:

  • Create a harmonious palette
  • Direct the eye to a focal area
  • Add texture, color - or both
  • Showcase your unique style
  • Optically change the dimensions of a room
  • Create a mood or support a decorating theme
  • Introduce a luxurious touch
...and more!

bathroom tiles

An (almost) Tile-less Elegance

Using bathroom tiles in just a few selected areas can make a very strong design statement. Contemporary bathroom styles lend themselves perfectly to a simple and minimalistic approach.

Create the perfect balance with your Limited Use of Tiles, or give it ...

The Full Treatment

Do you want to clad both floors and walls in tiles? Apart from the practical advantages, it can be the perfect canvas to showcase your bathroom fixtures and fittings. Even with a harmonious palette, you can still create visual points of interest.

Take a closer look at some Tile Design Ideas

bathroom tile ideas
All Eyes on The Tiles

Successful bathroom designs use the shapes, placement, colors and even the grout lines of bathroom ceramic tiles to lead the eye to a well chosen spot.

You can be subtle or extremely bold in your approach.

It is the clever use of Bathroom Tile Patterns that can make all the difference.

bathroom tile design
Get Tactile with Tiles

The bathroom is the one area in the house where hard surfaces really get in contact with our skin.

This is your opportunity to play around with varied textures or to introduce a surprise element to stimulate the senses: both visually and to the touch.

Bathroom Mosaic Tile is especially easy to manipulate.

bathroom tile design ideas

Uniquely Yours

You may have the budget to commission custom tiles for your bathroom.

Or you may have the creative juices flowing to create your own accent tiles - or use standard field tiles in a unique way.

Here's a few custom Tile Ideas for Bathrooms to get you going.

bathroom tile patterns

Optical Illusions

Light colored, reflective tiles will generally make a room appear more spacious than darker matt tiles. Square tiles placed on the diagonal can also "stretch" the dimensions of an area.

Mirrors are a must have in any bathroom and they especially contribute to enhance the perception of space in a bathroom.

Have a look at some Tile Design Ideas for mirrors and focal areas.

bathroom tile designs

Just a Touch of Luxury

Accent tiles come in so many varieties, but quite often with a high price tag. There is no need though to use them extensively.

Take a good look at the overall design of your bathroom and decide where you can use them with maximum effect.

We show some layouts using exquisite tiles for walls on our page for Designer Tiles and add detail to bathroom floors with custom
Bathroom Floor Tile

A final practical tip: When buying your floor AND wall tiles, do buy a few extra and store them. Tiles do get damaged from time to time and it will be hugely frustrating to find you need a discontinued bathroom tile.

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