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Bathroom Doors - Clever and Creative Placement

Bathroom doors offer the first impression of your bathroom and can add greatly to the style and mood you want to achieve.

Deciding on the look or finish of your bathroom door is the fun part. Before we get there though, let's put some thought and planning into the practical considerations.


Your Bathroom Layouts and the Placement of Your Bathroom Doors

Whether it's an entrance door, an internal door for added privacy or an opening door to the outdoors (pun intended!), they can all enhance - or detract from - your bathroom design.

Ideally the view through the entrance door into the bathroom should be of an attractive feature such as a designer vanity or tub and definitely not the toilet. By simply changing the way a door swings open, you can realize better layout and design solutions.

Our bathroom floor plans illustrated here show the variety of layouts that can be achieved by simply changing the position of the door and/or the door type.

bathroom doors

A With a normal hinged door you will very often have dead wall and floor space that cannot be used for anything.

B By changing to a bi-fold door, we've opted for a pedestal vanity, but gained space for a generous dual shower.

pocket doors

C A pocket door / cavity door must be the ultimate space saver! By rearranging the fixtures, a more spacious toweling-off area is created.

D Corners can be great too for positioning doors. Two pocket doors now free up space for a storage cabinet to the left of the toilet.

Design Note: If you and your partner never close the door to your en-suite bathroom, do you even need a door? There is a growing trend to incorporate the en-suite into the bedroom with perhaps only a need to screen off the toilet.

Internal Bathroom Doors

In a master bathroom you may want a separate toilet area. You can choose a door that matches the entrance door, or add a creative touch. Here are a couple of ideas to look at:

glass shower doors
  • In a spacious master bathroom there are two separate toilets for him and her - both screened with opaque glass doors to match that of the dual shower;
etched bathroom doors
  • A saloon type swing door offers privacy without totally enclosing the toilet;
  • A glass door with a sandblasted motif can be stylish whilst also allowing light from the bathroom through.

The style of the door can make a strong statement to support your decorating theme: A barn styled door for a rustic bathroom, a shoji screen for a Japanese bathroom... the possibilities are endless.


External Bathroom Doors

Perhaps you have an outside area adjacent to your bathroom space that can be screened off and be made part of your bathroom.

Being able to open your bathroom to the outdoors will add tremendously to the sense of space and enhance your bathing experience during the warm months.


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Our Bathroom Layouts page has graph paper and scaled fittings to assist you with your bathroom floor plans.

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