Master Bathrooms - Does Size Matter?

Beautiful master bathrooms are the result (firstly) of a carefully planned space which is thereafter executed with flair in your chosen style.

Yes, the size of the bathroom does matter but fortunately there is such a variety of bathroom fixtures available - from compact to grandiose in scale - that your bathroom design can be totally flexible, creating fancy bathrooms even in small spaces.

dual basins and glass enclosed shower

Before we get to the bathroom design though, it is important to carefully consider your wants and needs first.

classic master bathroom

For Example:

Do you and your partner use the bathroom at the same time, perhaps to get ready for work in the morning? Do you prefer to shower or bath?

Asking yourself questions like these will help you determine for example whether separate basins and vanities are a must, whether you should consider a generous twin shower and whether your hot water supply will be adequate.

It is extremely helpful to write down your requirements - whether to clarify you and your partner's needs and thoughts or to create a brief for your architect or bathroom designer.

And so, without further ado, let's help you create your dream bathroom wish list! (From the lists below, either pick just one or list them in order of priority.)

Bath Tub - Which One is Right for You?

master bathtubs

Note: Having a big spa-bath may seem like a good idea at first, but for many people the novelty soon wears off or it takes too long to fill and so it becomes a bit of a white elephant.

On the other end of the scale, not having a bath in the master bathroom may suit your lifestyle perfectly, but may not be good for future potential buyers of your home.

Hmm, you may need to rethink this one...

Shower and Vanities

wet area in bathroom



Toilet and Bidet

Storage Needs

Browse the creative bathrooms featured on our site for clever layout ideas and bathroom design inspiration:

Island Splendor

master bathroom layout

Placing the tub as a central focal point creates beautiful symmetry.

Perfectly Balanced

Open Plan Sophistication

rustic open plan bathroom

Open plan to the bedroom with a dressing room off the bathroom.

Beautifully Rustic

But There's Still More to Planning Your Master Bathroom...

Apart from the above which are present in one way or another in most master bathrooms, your wish list should also consider the following in order to do your planning - and budget!

Note: For a complete list of all your bathroom requirements, visit our page on Bathroom Remodeling Costs.

The next step is to draw your bathroom to scale and to start playing around within that space with your chosen fixtures. Use our scale drawings to assist you with your Bathroom Plans. It will very quickly become clear whether you need to revisit your wish list.

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