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Brown Bathroom Designs for Today

Are you designing your brown bathroom from new or do you want to breathe new life into an existing brown color scheme?

The color brown evokes images of delicious chocolate, beautiful wood cabinetry, rich leather and the luxury of umber colored marble.

It can be used to create a decadent master bathroom as shown on our Luxury Bathrooms page or in a minimalist contemporary bathroom design.

Brown can be vibrant with deep shadows of purple and indigo and a range of depth and highlights ranging from Indian red to copper.

Have a look at the different styles and usage of brown featured on this page to get some design ideas and then check out more ideas on our bathroom colors main page.

brown and white bathroom
Barely Brown

Brown can be used with crisp white tiles, creating a softer effect than pure black would have done.

In this master bathroom it is used in limited quantity - accent strip tiles, marble bath surround and wooden blinds and mirror frames which is enough to break the vast expanse of white tile and more brown can be added with free standing furniture for storage.

Introducing a seasonal color (or more brown) is easy with the addition of rugs, towels, robes ornaments etc.

Brown bathroom vanities can be sleek and contemporary. It is the design, rather than the color, that determines the style. Teamed with modern vessel sinks, faucets and limited use of glass mosaic tiles, it creates a fixture that offers so many decorating options.

brown bathroom

Note the combination of brown with silver - rather than the traditional use of copper or bronze teamed with brown. The same colors are repeated in the niches in the shower.

If you are stuck with dated tiles and even a tub or toilet in brown which you cannot replace, there are many ways to work around it or rather, to work with it. Painting bathrooms and especially bathroom tiles is very easy. Consider removing the top half of the tiles off the wall - or paint over them - and paint the area in a complimentary color to give a fresh look to your brown sanitary ware.

A Bit More Brown
brown bathroom tile

Brown bathroom tiles have come a long way since the 70's. They are available in exciting patterns such as this alligator skin reproduction. The accent tile matches the contours and the metallic insets add a contemporary feel and compliment the brushed faucets beautifully.

bathroom designs 

The use of brown on the walls was inspired by the dark wooden frame supporting the bath. Using brown tiles only halfway up the wall creates the opportunity to play with various colors or even patterns on the top half of the walls at minimal cost.

Note the brass colored trims where the tiles meet at a corner that add a nice finishing touch.

Totally in Love with Brown
bathroom color

Using a rich brown color on large areas in a bathroom can be enclosing but if balanced with lighter reflective surfaces and a source of natural light, it can be sophisticated and relaxing.

The color brown is often perceived as a masculine color and may be perfect for a bachelor.

bathroom paint

However, soft curvaceous drapes, gently curving lines of the bath surround and lighting fixtures and choice ornaments will soften the effect and lend a feminine touch.

You can also introduce brown in your bathroom colors with wooden or cork flooring or wall paneling, leather mirror frames, dark wicker baskets and tortoiseshell ornaments.

When using brown bathroom paint, have a look at colors that have rich overtones and a low sheen rather than a flat matte brown.

You can lay down a base color of brown which you can enrich with a glaze mixed with artist's color that's rubbed on afterwards to create tonal variations and depth.

Adding Color to a Brown Bathroom
painting bathrooms

Brown is versatile and can be teamed with a variety of colors. It is a warm color but can be successfully combined with either a cool receding blue or a warmer peach, mauve or even a deep fuchsia for a total mood swing.

Try using combined colors (rather than the pure tones of primary colors) such as dusty blue, turqoise, lavender etc. Or, if your space can handle it, team it up with indigo or a vibrant burgundy. When you add the complimentary color on walls, reinforce it with choice accessories to carry the color theme throughout.

Orange, golden yellow or avocado green combined with brown may be reminiscent of the autumn color schemes so popular in the 60's or 70's - great if you want to have the retro feel - otherwise there are so many more exciting color combinations to choose from for today's modern bathroom.

Today's bathroom colors are not limited to any palette and your favorite color - whatever it is! - can be used to great effect with a bit of planning and imagination.

Don't be afraid to experiment in your brown bathroom and above all, trust your instincts!

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Whatever your favorite color is, you can use it in your bathroom!

  • Use it in the ideal tone and hue

  • Balance it carefully to fit the dimensions of your room

  • Team it with complimentary colors to bring out the best of both

  • Choose your permanent fixtures such as tiles and hardware with care and then experiment with color.

    It's just paint, not expensive, not permanent and such fun!


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