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Shower Doors - Combining Looks and Functionality

Shower doors can be made in virtually any shape or size and with a variety of finishes to suit your bathroom design. No more standard restrictions to adhere to.

frameless showers

The only determining factor would be the size and shape of your shower stall, but to optimize space you may want to consider the following options:

The sliding door, bi-fold door and corner sliding doors all offer easier access, especially needed where space is limited.

A pivot door or swing door may offer a wider entry, but you need extra space in the bathroom for the arc of the door.

A spiral shaped shower or a shower with a curved entrance won't need a shower door at all. A variation on this is a simple glass screen - open at both ends - but generous in size so that hardly any water will splash outside the shower area.

This is not the same as a wet room where there are no partitions and waterproofing the area may also be easier than in a wet room.


Practical Tips for Glass Shower Doors and Enclosures

  • Tempered glass is first cut and drilled to specifications and thereafter put through the tempering process. Alterations cannot be done after tempering, so be sure to get your measurements right! Laminated glass (a plastic layer sandwiched between two sheets of glass) can be cut again, but it is a very tricky job.
  • Take a careful look at the various tiled/walled edges in your shower to ensure that the glass panes can butt up to one another snugly.
  • If the shower door will be hinged off another glass panel, you may need re-enforcement in the form of a header, a support bar or the supporting panel must be secured to both the floor and ceiling. Get professional advice.
  • Shower door seals are extremely important to prevent water seepage that may do serious damage to floors and support structures. Maintain them regularly.
  • If you're not doing the installation yourself, have your frameless shower installed by a reputable company who is registered with the relevant trade association and who can honor the warranty.


Frameless Shower Doors

A frameless glass door and enclosure is so popular today for a variety of reasons:

shower doors
  • It allows an uninterrupted view through the area and seems to take up hardly any space because of that - a great design solution for a smaller bathroom;
  • It's equally at home in a modern bathroom or vintage bathroom - in fact, just about anywhere;
  • It can be fitted to any available space, offering practical solutions and allowing for imaginative creations;
  • It can be decorated with a patterned glass finish or you can have your unique design sandblasted or etched on it.


have vinyl stickers made that resemble sandblasting and replace them whenever the mood takes you for a quick makeover - Art Deco, classical, modern geometric...


Cleaning Shower Doors

Questions on how to clean glass showers and doors are constantly raised.

Shower glass can be protected with a sealant that helps to prevent corrosion of the glass, maintaining the beauty of the glass and making it easier to clean. There are a couple of patented products or registered trademarks that claim to do this - ask your glass supplier.

Many people find using a squeegee right after showering an easy way to keep glass clean. Some also recommend the use of a product such as Rain-X (to keep windshields clear of water) as very efficient to prevent droplets and stains from forming.

A natural cleansing agent such as white vinegar (diluted in water) is reported to be an effective cleaner for glass surfaces.


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