Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Use bathroom vanity lighting to dress up your bathroom like never before!

While bathrooms are one of the most used parts of any house, bathroom lighting is often one of the most ignored aspects of it.

If you have an intense desire (but just can't get to doing it) to do it up differently every time you step into your bathroom, perhaps some really creative bathroom lighting ideas can help you to illuminate the space optimally!

classical vanity with wall lighting

Since you do most of your grooming at the bathroom vanity, it makes sense to have good lighting there.

If you have some wall space above your vanity, you can really let your imagination run free and use unexpected elements to enhance your lighting fixtures!

In the image below a "Mokoro" dugout canoe is used to great effect, not only as an additional shade, but also as a design feature to lend unity to this vanity at Botlierskop Game Reserve.

vanity with copper lights and wooden canopy

The Basics of Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Task lighting is one of the most basic forms of lighting in any bathroom, allowing you to get your tasks done in sufficient light.

It is usually used in the vanity area where proper light is required to accomplish daily grooming tasks like shaving, make up, etc. successfully. Ideally, you'll need high intensity lights in the vanity area. And here's what you need to consider before you make your final decisions:

silver vanity mirror and wall sconces

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Tips

Bathroom vanities give you plenty of scope to create an atmosphere that you desire, that make you feel good, relaxed, as well as help you get your jobs done in a beautiful space. That's why we have created an entire article highlighting (pun intended) the importance of bathroom vanity lighting - offering some ideas for vanity light fixtures for you to explore.

Lamp Lighting in Bathrooms

Surprised? Lamps work well in small spaces and since they are available in a wide array of designs and styles and colors, you'll always find pieces that match your existing bath decor.

red shades on vanity lights

Create your own unique lamp by mixing and matching the base and the shade and make it a focal point of your vanity area! Remember, lamps create a warm, cozy and welcoming feel and those feelings are hard to resist!

Note though that fabric shades are not ideal in high moisture areas.

Bathroom Track Lighting

dual basins with spot lights

We like the idea of using track light fixtures around the vanity area. Track lights use LED bulbs that are available in many different colors like white, blue, green, yellow, red, etc. LED bulbs are energy saving and have a longer life than an incandescent bulb.

The best feature of a track light is its flexibility. You can adjust the lights as per your convenience and requirement. Moreover, track light fixtures that can be concealed easily are also a good way light up the vanity without any tell tale signs. Track lighting with its simple styling gives your vanity area a contemporary look.

Design Tips for Vanity Lighting:

Ceiling Lighting

crystal chandelier in bathroom

If you enjoy sparkling lights in your bathroom, then why not consider installing a chandelier? Chandeliers are quite a traditional choice for lighting, but they are ever popular because of their varied designs and styles.

Crystal chandeliers are most expensive, followed by glass and the least expensive are available in wrought iron. Chandeliers will give the bathroom and vanity area an elegant and classic look.

Design Tip: Avoid using overhead lighting for your vanity as it's bound to cast unwanted shadows on your face. This is also one of the most common, but least effective forms of bathroom vanity lighting! However, if you have no other option than installing an overhead light fixture, we you can fix it at some distance away from the vanity area to reduce the formation of shadows.

A good solution is illustrated in this image: The addition of recessed task lighting within the vanity surround provides task lighting without detracting from the beautiful ceiling light.

More Tips and Ideas for Your Bathroom Lighting:

Modern Bathroom Lighting

lights imbedded in bathroom floor

Practical and innovative tips for task lighting as well as ambient, mood and Accent Lighting.

Bathroom Lighting Design

sconces on vanity mirror

Making Light Work with layers of light and the combination of exciting materials and elements.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

pendant lights above vanity

Choosing The Right Light.

Bathroom Remodeling

patterned glass dividing door

Importing Natural Light.

OK. We've established that finding the ideal bathroom vanity lighting is very important. So you need to spend time to work on the type of vanity lighting that will best fulfill your needs - and of course the look that you want to create.

This is such a fun part of your bathroom design!

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