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The Black and White Bathroom - A Classic Color Combination

A black and white bathroom can be dramatic, elegant and timeless.

This classic color combination has stood the test of time from the vintage bathrooms of yesteryear to today's modern bathroom.

Let's take a look first at the ratio in which you can use these two contrasting colors to achieve a desired effect.

A touch of black and white in selected areas draws the eye and can enhance architectural features.

black and white bathroom

Black will absorb light, whilst white is the ultimate reflector of light. Grey, being a combination of the two, can be ideal to create a softer effect. Combine charcoal grey with the palest of silvery grey for a variation on the black and white theme.

It can also be a great way to turn a standard bathroom vanity into a unique piece. Mask off areas to be painted in various patterns or have a look at the huge selection of available wallpapers or vinyl to spruce up a cabinet.

Mix and match patterns: checks, stripes, harlequin patterns or black and white floral patterns. Choosing between a variety of black and white patterns can set the style. Elaborate patterns for a more decadent feel, gingham checks for a country style, stylized bamboo for a Japanese bathroom, geometric motifs for Art Deco... the possibilities are endless.

...or have a black and white color scheme with the minimum of fuss.

black and white bathrooms

Floors and Walls

Using black on the floor is a great place to start in your black and white bathroom scheme as it grounds and anchors the various elements. Use it in a demarcated area only (as in the first photograph on this page), clad the whole area in black or combine it in classic black and white patterns.

bathroom colors

You may choose to paint walls or a focal area in matte black for sharpest contrast with white fixtures. An alternative is to play around with a base color in dark grey and to build up depth with a black glaze. Painting bathroom walls can be done with various paint techniques such as sponging or ragging to build up subtle layers of varying tones of black.

Design Tip: Add detail in a clear varnish on a matte black wall to create an ever-changing pattern according to the angle from which it is viewed.

black bathroom decorating

Black and white can be used in the most stylish of bathrooms.

Balance black and white bathroom patterns with areas in plain black or white.

A cantilevered black granite slab serves as minimalist basin, a chandelier adds glamour and then...

wallpaper featuring black and white cows adds a delightful touch of humor to this bathroom at a dairy-farm lodge.
Oh yes, wallpaper is back!

Dare to be Different

Black and White Bathroom Tubs: A zebra tub deserves to be the focal point in a black and white bathroom - it is such a unique piece!

black and white decorating

Every hide is unique and proudly displays scars from thorns and life in Africa. Hides are treated to withstand moisture associated with bathrooms and are covered under the 25 year warranty offered by Orca Baths. They do ship all over the world - contact them from their website: for more information.

Ask them about their Nguni cattle hides - they too come in great black and white patterns.

Note: The controlled selling of hides such as this forms part of and contributes to the sustainability of nature conservation on licensed game farms.

Design Tip: For a less costly alternative - simply paint your tub in playful black and white.

Black and White Shower Design:

black and white showers

A luxury island shower gets pride of place and becomes the center of attraction in this bathroom.

Give it a unique design and clad it in black mosaic tiles to make a bold statement.

Small Black and White Bathrooms
black and white bathrooms

Even a small bathroom or powder room can do with a touch of black magic or even the full treatment, teamed with crisp white sanitary ware.

Add a dash of gold or silver accent in the trimming, fittings and mirror frames.

A touch of pattern in the loose Nguni hide also adds visual interest.

Visit our Red Bathroom page for ideas on combining black with vibrant red.

black bathroom vanity

Black tiles with a detail border are used in a selected area to showcase a simple black bathroom vanity and matte black bathroom sink.

Note how the vertical band of tiles adds to an illusion of height - a great idea to use in bathrooms with lower ceilings.

Design Tip: Adding black vinyl stickers to standard white tiles is an easy way to change the look.

A black and white bathroom can be the perfect canvas to cater to your changing moods. Adding an accent color from time to time by simply changing the accessories can give a totally new look and feel to your bathroom. Our White Bathroom page has more ideas on this classic color combination.

You may want to have a look at our Brown Bathroom page too for more ideas on teaming white with a single dark color.

Our main page on bathroom colors has many more bathroom images for added inspiration.

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Ideas for
Black Bathroom Accessories

  • A bold arrangement of black and white photographs or charcoal drawings in black frames
  • Black iron light fixtures or candle sticks
  • Black bathroom faucets, black painted wicker baskets, patterned rugs and black window treatments
  • A band of black and white patterned material or ribbon on standard black or white towels

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