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Rustic Bathroom Vanities - Unusual and Creative Combinations

Rustic bathroom vanities can be fun, artful, simple and - of course - stylish. They can be beautifully finished or make a rough statement.

Please have a look at our page on Rustic Bathrooms where we discuss the typical elements used in rustic bathroom decor and showcase some beautiful bathroom designs. rustic bathroom vanities

It's easy to construct a rustic bathroom vanity like the one on display here. The frame can be either brick or a wooden structure, covered in you choice of tiles. The most expensive part is the granite slab, although not overly so. 

Or use a wooden counter top as variation with your choice of drop-down or counter vessel sinks in wood, copper, stone, hand-crafted pottery or glass.

Ample storage is provided with the wicker baskets and the wrought iron mirror frames and towel rails fit perfectly. Note how the loose rug and towels pick up on the decorating motif of the accent tiles.


Using Local Resources

rustic bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities quite often reflect their locations by using local materials and crafts. 

This wooden bathroom vanity and mirror frame was built on site in Mozambique using available chamfuti timber - sanded, sealed and varnished to a high gloss.

Reed floor mats made locally add texture and detail to the front panel and locally woven straw baskets provide storage.
rustic bathroom decor

Going the rustic route is the ideal opportunity to use reclaimed or recycled materials.

The vessel sink and towel bar are made from recycled aluminum. The pedestal is made from fiberglass (hollow inside) and finished in terracotta and ochre hues.

The shape, size and creative opportunities are endless using this method to create your own unique rustic bathroom vanity.

Note the strip of accent tile used as finishing touch around the base.

PS: We showcase how this floor was made on our rustic bathroom decor page.


Rustic Exposure

Talk about exposed plumbing in a rustic bathroom! rustic bathroom design rustic bathroom designs

Standard copper pipe is used to create the supporting frame for the stainless steel vessel sink. Combined with the utilitarian copper faucets, it creates a rugged yet charming rustic bathroom vanity.

Copper pipe can be bent into so many shapes - to frame a vanity mirror, to create towel rails or for toilet roll holders etc. Talk to your plumber, you may just bring out the artist in him. rustic bathroom vanity

Not quite so rugged but also making use of the attractive features of copper and brass pipe, these types of bathroom vanities are available commercially.

They don't come cheaply though but are a great addition to a rustic bathroom and equally at home in vintage bathrooms.

Important note: talk to your plumber about exposed hot water lines which may be dangerous - especially around children.

Almost any piece of furniture can be modified to serve as your rustic bathroom vanity. Scout around at auctions or second hand stores or go treasure hunting at salvage yards. Adding a beautiful copper, stone or pottery sink with eye catching faucets can create something truly unique.

Have a look at our page on antique bathroom vanities for additional inspiration and ideas.

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