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Modern Bathroom Design for Today and Tomorrow

Modern bathroom design is, strictly speaking, not quite the same as contemporary bathroom design. They share some similarities though, mostly based on an appreciation of simplicity, order, clean lines and a lack of clutter and frills.

Modern designs of the 1900's quite often went to the extreme in their minimalist approach which could result in a cold and stark feel, sometimes at the cost of comfort.

Contemporary design is exciting, more inviting and allows for individual interpretation. It is indulgent and pampers the individual's need for relaxation and rejuvenation after a busy day.

So let's have a look at the Contemporary Modern Bathroom.

Space Statements in Bathroom Designs

A sense of space is hugely important in this interior design. And more importantly, empty space. Where there are a minimum of objects to focus on, every piece gains in importance.

modern bathroom

An expanse of beautiful hardwood floor free of furniture and even rugs, a space on a wall devoid of pictures and simple architectural elements all make a statement. Where you follow the principle that "less is more", it allows you to go big and bold in a few choice areas!

modern bathroom design

The dividing wall between this beautiful master bathroom and bedroom hosts a gas fireplace that warms both spaces.

A very generous dual shower has an external glass wall, flooding the shower with natural light.

His and hers toilets are screened with frosted glass doors allowing for privacy yet still letting light through and blending with the adjoining shower.

Even in a small bathroom, this uncluttered look can be achieved. For example, a frameless shower or large frameless mirror will blend in seamlessly.

modern bathroom ideas

Sleek, low profile toilets, basins and vanities which are wall mounted guide the eye horizontally and visually expand a wall.

Plus, it leaves the floor space free of clutter. Note: An un-tiled floor without grout lines will add to this illusion. There are amazing concrete products available on the market to create a beautiful look.

Post-modern design saw a move away from the restrictive rules of modernism. There is now an element of humor and energy and the emphasis is more on comfort and lifestyle than on pure function. Minimalism is not carried through so rigidly anymore.

Furniture and contemporary bathroom vanities have a sculptural quality and become a piece of art. The style can be high-tech or even industrial, yet always graceful and stylish.

When borrowing from the past, designers give elements a contemporary twist: bolder colors or shapes whilst showing restraint in how the elements compete with one another. The aim is always to create a pleasing whole.

Today's Modern Bathroom Designs
modern bathroom decorating

  • It should be timeless, rather than following a passing fad or trend. It must fulfill the practical needs of the user and express the spirit of the individual.

  • Individual expression allows for the incorporation of artefacts, objects and elements from the past, which can enrich a modern room with contemporary bathroom fixtures.

  • Handcrafted and custom made objects should be honored for their rarity and the skill with which they were produced, in a world of mass- and machine produced items.

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