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Contemporary Bathroom Design - Creating Future Classics

Contemporary bathroom design is of the here and now and reflects the latest design fashions. That does not mean that it has to be updated regularly.

Contemporary design, if executed well, can be timeless in its elegance.

contemporary bathroom design


Contemporary Design is NOT:

  • Cookie-cutter style but reflects the individual's personality, lifestyle, taste and passions. It is not rigid in its interpretation but rather eclectic, where a classical or crafted element can find a place in a minimalist surround.
  • Stark, bland or sterile in the choice of materials, fixtures or color.
  • Without texture. Wall and window treatments, upholstery fabrics and accessories offer many opportunities to add texture (and color!) in natural materials and fibers such as linen, jute, silk, wool etc.


Contemporary Bathroom Design Materials - The Design Approach

It is a trendsetter in its approach to utilizing new and exciting man-made materials, such as: bright metals, concrete, colored glass, Perspex, vinyl and more.

It does not mean that it follows fads slavishly though!

It's not afraid to borrow from the past either. It chooses the best from yesterday and it often applies old materials in a new and refreshing way and in new combinations. modern bathroom

Concrete installations are used to create stunning new shapes, to replace furniture or to create a custom bath or sink and to show off fittings.

It can be used on walls and floors and finished in a variety of ways, whilst still proudly displaying its characteristics.

Modern bathroom design is true to the materials without pretending they are what they're not and is mostly simple without unnecessary embellishments.

Metal in polished or brushed finishes are used for more than just towel rails or faucets: Countertops, tubs, contemporary bathroom vanities and wall tiles all get the treatment and add some bling to bathrooms.
modern bathroom tiles

Tiles can be custom made. Water jets are used for precision cutting of tiles so you can create your own unique designs, incorporating a variety of materials.

No more off-the-shelf tiles only!

Take a look at some exquisite Bathroom Tile Designs


The Modern Bathroom and Technology

Technology in the bathroom is aimed at pampering!

You can find self flushing toilets with heated seats and infrared sensors, pulsating shower heads, ionizers, waterproof TV monitors... to name but a few.

Yet in all these advances, contemporary design is mindful of the environmental impact by using dual-flush systems, water- and energy saving devices and renewable resources in the choice of materials.

Natural wood finishes are in and a prime example of a renewable resource is bamboo - for modern bathroom vanities, floors and blinds.

To help you plan your environmentally friendly bathroom,
visit Green Bathroom Remodel for some great ideas. (It can help you save money too!)


The Face of Contemporary Bathroom Design

modern bathroom design

It is in love with simplicity without compromising on quality and luxury! It is not into hiding the bathroom away either - internal walls are removed or minimized to create open plan rooms.

It is mindful of the time constraints of today, to spend less time on cleaning and tidying. Clutter is reduced and storage is carefully planned.

It is sleek and seamless and to some extent still based on neutral tones. However, it is quite prepared to play with color. Feature walls and architectural elements get the color treatment and wallpaper is back!

There is a freedom to use any color, even the avocado greens, chocolate browns and pinks of the 60's and 70's, but it is used in a controlled and harmonious way.


Layouts in Contemporary Bathroom Design

Have a look at your space. Instead of arranging fixtures around the walls, can you add an architectural element?
modern bathroom sinks

  • A center pillar with a vanity on either side or an imaginative partition to make the most of available space

  • A low partitioning wall to change the orientation of placement of a tub or vanity

  • A partial dividing wall (rather than having separate rooms) between bedroom and bathroom, which will open up the space and add light and airflow.

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Modern Bathroom Design

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