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Bathroom Vanity Units for a Powder Room and
Creative Bathroom Designs

If it's truly unique bathroom vanity units that you're looking for, then you'll find some great bathroom ideas here.

Designer bathroom vanities can be expensive, but the ideas shared here show imagination and flair - and it won't break the bank! bathroom vanity units

The bathroom vanity units showcased here were cast in a mold, and whilst still wet, the bowls were hollowed out.

A variety of objects can be embedded. Here broken mirror fragments and soda tops create a delightful rim which is echoed in the mirror frame.

You can play around with jewel-like beads, recycled glass or aluminum mosaics, shells ...or whatever takes your fancy.

Make a drawing and plan your vanity in as much detail as possible and assemble the materials.

You can also arrange your objects to be embedded on a piece of board beforehand - all ready to be transferred to your bathroom vanity.

Note how the back wall in this small bathroom layout is treated with silver leaf. The effect is just so much richer than silver paint and being a relatively small area, it's quite affordable.

Have a look at our page on
African Designs and Moroccan Decor for more inspirational ideas for bathroom vanity units and bathroom wall treatments.

small bathroom vanities


Small Bathroom Vanities

Almost any shape can be constructed with concrete. The free-form bathroom vanities on display were formed by constructing the shape with rebar and wire-mesh first. Thereafter it was clad with concrete - tinted with pigment in the desired color.

Note: The advantage of tinted concrete - as opposed to painted concrete - is that the color is throughout the material, so small nicks and chips won't be obviously different and will just add to the character. The material also adopts a character of its own with the color striations.

Once formed, the vanity can be embellished with a few choice objects - leaving the concrete finish as a decorative element, or clad with mosaic tiles in a contrasting color.

bathroom wall vanities


A Corner Bathroom Vanity
or Double Vanity

The versatility of concrete and metal is an ideal way to solve those tricky spaces. No more relying on off-the-shelf bathroom vanity units to fit your space. Construct a spoon-shaped small vanity for a guest toilet or a generous double vanity in a trough shape for a master bathroom.
double bathroom vanity

Start by looking at your available space and then determine the ideal proportions for your bathroom vanities. Then get your sketch pad out and start being creative with your bathroom design.

Just imagine the fun you can have with this!

corner bathroom vanity

powder room

Powder Room

A guest bathroom or a powder room - especially - is the perfect opportunity to get creative and really wow your guests with something daring, a bit off-beat and totally unique.

This room gets less traffic than the family bathroom, so you can afford to be a touch less "practical" in your approach and choice of materials.

Modern Bathroom Design totally lends itself to the use of concrete and metal in imaginative ways.

For Ashley Heron, designer of the bathroom vanity units featured here, the aim is to provide visitors and guests with bathroom designs unlike any other - and she does just that with the bathrooms at the Moyo Group of Restaurants.

Visit their website at for their address and contact details. You can also email Ashley:

You don't have to follow any design style slavishly, but should draw inspiration from something that appeals to you - whether it's color, shape or texture - and to use that in your own unique way.

These bathroom vanity units may just inspire you to think out of the box and add a touch of the unexpected to your bathroom designs!

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