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Rustic Bathrooms - Trendy, Natural and Stylish

Rustic bathrooms are not just for log cabins or country retreats. They are equally at home in a city home or apartment!

Whether it's called rustic, western or country style decorating, it evokes images of warmth, with natural materials and an abundance of textures.

rustic bathrooms

Although rough in finish, rustic elements can be used with style and finesse to create a stunning end result.

It does not necessarily have to mean a feeling of clutter either - your rustic decor can be done with a minimalist approach and with careful balancing of the various elements.

Rustic decorating style is adaptable and open to interpretation. You may want to make limited use of rustic elements or you may enjoy using it all over - it's a personal choice.

Elements in Rustic Bathrooms are Typically:

  • Exposed and or unfinished wooden beams, floors and ceilings.
  • Natural materials such as sisal, wicker, cork, bamboo etc.
  • Leather accent pieces such as mirror frames, an ottoman or animal hides.
  • Stone tubs and sinks as well as natural stone for floors and walls.
  • Use of wrought iron or exposed copper plumbing.
  • Natural and rich colors such as terracotta, ochre, grays, wheat together with your choice of accent color.
  • Recycled materials such as reclaimed wood or recycled aluminum.

Rustic Sophistication

Does this sound like a contradiction in terms?

This master bathroom is dramatic, luxurious and stylish yet it contains so many of the elements typically associated with rustic bathrooms.

rustic bathroom decor

The generous proportions of the room can easily accommodate the extensive use of black slate, unplastered walls, wooden beams and ceiling and unpainted concrete. In stark and very effective contrast, the tub and pedestal sinks are traditional white, faucets are sleek and contemporary, ornaments are fine white china and mirrors are framed in classic gilded frames. This is a perfect example of how you don't need to slavishly repeat rustic or country details in every aspect of your bathroom design.

Being part of the master bedroom, the bathroom benefits from the open fireplace in the bedroom whilst the toilet and bidet are situated in a separate room for added privacy.

master rustic bathroom

A large open dual shower or wet area as well as a separate dressing room complete the layout of this beautiful master bathroom.

Small Rustic Bathrooms
small rustic bathroom

Rustic finishes are extremely textured and can be overpowering when used extensively in a smaller space.

In a smaller bathroom you can achieve balance by using lighter and smoother areas on the ceiling and part of the wall as well as on the vanity slab.

Cast concrete or manufactured vanities such as the one displayed here offer many design advantages. They can be custom made to fit any space or shape which can then be given the rustic treatment.

Have a look at our other page on
rustic vanities for more ideas.

Kids Rustic Bathroom Decor
kids rustic bathroom

Using natural stone tiles in a neutral color creates a bathroom that can grow with the kids. The wall area above the tiles can be decorated with stencils and pictures which can easily be changed from time to time to cater to their age. The stone tiles have the added advantage of being non-slip - perfect for splashing children.

Door pulls, rugs, towels and bathroom accessories can add elements of fun and are relatively inexpensive to change.

A sense of humor, a touch of the unexpected and flair in combining the various elements will make your rustic bathroom a delightful space.

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