Bathroom Window Treatments - Dare to be Different

Unique bathroom window treatments can do so much to turn an ordinary bathroom into a showpiece.

Yes, you need privacy and yes, you may not want to restrict available natural light. And of course you have to consider the fact that bathrooms generally have a high moisture level.

That does not mean that your bathroom window treatments have to be boring!

decal detail on window

We just love the imaginative solution as illustrated in the image above - using a clear cut-out of an organic form on a darker tinted window to create a beautiful silhouette.

Consider this...

Perhaps you have your mind set on the type of treatment you want to use to decorate your bathroom. Have a look at the pictures of bathrooms in the other categories outlined below as well.

You may just find a new combination of bathroom window treatments that will work perfectly for you.

Bathroom Curtains

bathroom curtains

With so many hard surfaces in the bathroom, you have the ideal opportunity to add softer textures with your choice of bathroom window curtains.

Windows that are set away from the bath or shower are especially suitable for dressing without having to be totally practical.

This is your chance to add color, patterns, texture - and a touch of decadence if you dare.

Photographs and Ideas for Bathroom Curtains

Bathroom Blinds

bathroom blinds

Installing shutters or blinds is a popular way to cover bathroom windows and they are available in a vast choice of materials and colors.

How you use them and how you add your personal touch will make all the difference.

Tips for Using Bathroom Blinds Creatively

Combining Blinds with Bathroom Curtains

Bathroom Windows - Shapes and Sizes

bathroom windows

If you are building a new home, now is the perfect time to look at incorporating a feature window into your bathroom plans.

Or perhaps you are remodeling your bathroom and your budget makes provision for adding more natural light.

Are your bathroom windows just serving a practical purpose, i.e. to add light and help with ventilation, or do you want them to be the focal point of the room?

Ideas for Bathroom Windows

tub and windows

Simple clean lines of the windows are a perfect match for the elegant tub.

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