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Blinds and Bathroom Window Curtains - A Perfect Combination

Adding bathroom window curtains to your bathroom blinds or shutters can give you the best of both worlds.

Blinds or shutters can give you total privacy when you need it. However, you may also want to add a touch of texture, color or just to soften the look. So, combine them! bathroom window curtains

Where the whole bathroom has a luxurious feel, just having blinds on the window can make the room look unfinished.

Adding bathroom curtains to just the top part of the window, is a perfect solution. You could even lift the curtain higher if you wish to make the window seem taller.

lace bathroom curtains

Double the Effect

A sheer lace curtain between the window and shutter is perfect in daytime to ensure privacy and let in light. At night though, when the shutters are closed, the bathroom will only have a lot of hard surfaces. 

Adding another sheer curtain on the inside is inspirational. With the shutters open, you can really appreciate the layered look - adding dimension to what would have been just another standard bathroom window.
bathroom window drapes

Two Halves make it Whole

You may want to cover only the bottom part of the window for privacy, leaving the top half uncovered to let in natural light and add a sense of space.

Adding bathroom blinds or shutters on the side can create the illusion of a bay window, even if the bath tub was just set into an alcove with a single window.

The final touch to complete your bathroom window treatment is the addition of a drape. You can do it in as many loops as you wish as can be seen in these other pictures of bathoom curtains.

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Bathroom window curtains can be added to windows just for the fun and joy of it. You don't always need a practical reason - do you?

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Bathroom Window Curtains

They don't really have to serve a purpose except to:

  • Add a fanciful touch
  • Complete the look
  • Bring softness into the bathroom

...and any other reason why you want to add them.


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