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Bathroom Windows - The Right Frame of Mind

Bathroom windows with a view may not be possible in every bathroom.

You can still have a beautiful view of your windows though - from the inside!

We showcase many bathroom window treatments to help you with your bathroom designs. Let's take a look here at a couple of options for the design of the window itself. bathroom windows

For pure simplicity, you can just have an expanse of glass bricks. If there are no other opening windows, you can control the humidity with a ventilating fan.

There is no need to "dress" this window with bathroom curtains. The play of light at various times of the day through the blocks has an appeal of its own.

This architectural element is indeed the focal point of the bathroom with the rest of the fixtures and fittings adding to the design.

bathroom bay windows

Do you have the space for a large bay window to house your bath tub? There's definitely something to be said for lying in a bath whilst looking outside and not feeling enclosed.

To be totally practical, (though we hate to be totally practical when it comes to bathroom designs) you may have to get into the bath to open the center windows. But that's what beautiful bathroom rugs are for, right? To protect baths from shoes.

unique bathroom windows

You may have a space within your bathroom layout where you can add a full length window - perhaps between the shower and toilet, which would otherwise be "dead space".

It need not be an opening window necessarily and you can sandblast it in so many ways.

Pre-cast window blocks come in many shapes and sizes. You could add a triangular mirror in the available empty space or arrange them in a hundred different ways.

Having a generous ledge, they offer the perfect space to showcase your favored bathroom ornaments.
bathroom windows ideas

Do you have a big enough bathroom to add a door leading to a Juliet balcony?

Although a balcony is a bit more costly to add, it can contribute dramatically to the sense of space in your bathroom - without the even higher costs involved of actually enlarging your bathroom.

In this bathroom the shower and toilet are placed on either side of the door. They each have their own glass enclosure with a narrow frosted window.

When you do your bathroom planning or layout, (either when building new or when remodeling your bathroom) your head is so full of the exciting fittings and fixtures to plan for. Stop for a minute. In fact, sit back and just think this through. Are you doing as much as you can with your bathroom windows with regards to placement, type, size and shape?

Once your windows are in place, the fun of dressing them starts.

Are you sold on bathroom blinds or perhaps a combination of shutters and bathroom window curtains will work for you.

Consult with your bathroom contractor and get a cost estimate for redoing your bathroom windows before writing the idea off as too expensive. Non standard sizes do cost a bit more but it may well be worth it.

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