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Turquoise Bathroom - A Gem of a Color

A turquoise bathroom can be cool and tranquil or dramatic and vibrant!
It all depends on the mood you want to create with your bathroom color schemes.
turquoise bathroom

Recycled glass mosaic tiles resemble sparkling jewels and are used to great effect in this bathroom.

The play of light creates a shimmering, almost phosphorescent appearance and will pick up - and reflect - any other color that you want to use in your accessories.

It looks great with chrome or brushed-nickel fittings - so reminiscent of ancient jewelry created by combining silver and turquoise gem stones.

Accent tile strips are also available in metal mosaics and will fit in beautifully.

Design Tip: If you have a dated bathroom suite in dark blue, introducing these turquoise bathroom tiles in selected areas can make a dramatic difference and transform a tired bathroom.

Turquoise Partners

Team turquoise with crisp white to create a cool, tranquil and very clean look. Then play around with your accessories in different colors from time to time to create variation.

bathroom colors

The complimentary colors will range from terracotta through cerise. This is such a versatile color though with related colors such as teal or peacock blue! Turquoise will appear more blue when juxtaposed with true blue or purple and will appear more green when combined with yellow or green.

Experiment with a big color swatch on an adjacent wall till you get the effect you want.

bathroom color turquoise

Gem Inspiration

In nature, the turquoise gem stone occurs in a range of hues: from grayish light green to purest sky blue, depending on the amount of iron or copper in the soil.

It's a gemstone that's been treasured in ancient Egypt, by the Aztecs and throughout modern times. It has such a unique color that it was given its own name in our color dictionary - turquoise.

This color evokes a sense of well-being, tranquility and the restful association of sky and sea.

Let's Play with Turquoise

Glass vessel sinks and etched glass planes very often have a greenish tone and are perfect to use in a turquoise bathroom.

Team it with a black vanity and you've set the scene to play around with a complete new look whenever the mood takes you - just by adding touches of color in the accessories, adding wallpaper or by painting bathrooms.

painting bathrooms

In our first sample bathroom above we've introduced a warm terracotta as complimentary color. In the second picture we've stayed with the black and turquoise palette to create a more sophisticated and dramatic look.

Turquoise Creations

Manufactured stone can be colored in almost any color you wish. Engineered quarts and granite composite materials are ideal for bathrooms.

  • They have a unique appearance
  • They are chip and scratch resistant as well as resistant to chemicals
  • Are mildew resistant and being non-porous, are impervious to stains
  • They can be used on floors, walls, as vanity tops and for bath surrounds

A turquoise bathroom may well offer you the best of both worlds when you can't decide whether to go for a blue or green bathroom. Have a look at our main page on bathroom colors for more color inspirations.

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Ideas for
Turquoise Bathroom Accessories

  • Aged copper fixtures, fittings and ornaments with their typical verdigris patina

  • Box framed turquoise jewelry or bold prints of jewelry

  • Unpolished turquoise nuggets in glass bowls


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