Bathroom Decoration - Beautifully VersaTILE

Will your bathroom decoration grow with the needs and tastes of your family?

The bathroom decor featured on this page, does exactly that! If you are looking for some bathroom decorating ideas, you may just find your inspiration here.

So why is this such a great design solution? Because it suits a variety of needs and decor requirements and will make a statement every time.

mosaic patterns in bathroom

Kids Bathroom

When decorating bathrooms for small children, you want to have vibrant and visually stimulating elements that make bath time fun.

The "waves" on the walls can be teamed with a myriad of bath toys, decals and bathroom accessories to create a theme e.g. Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Surfing, Light Houses etc.

Note: Mosaics are great in bathrooms because of the non-slip qualities. The shower walls and floor are also clad with the pebbles - non-slip and a lovely decor feature.

creative mosaics in a bathroom

As the children grow older, it's easy to remove the decals or stencils and change the accessories to turn it into a:

Girl Bathroom

pink bathroom shell

Boy Bathroom

wooden bathroom accessories

Guest Bathroom or Holiday Home Bathroom

This bathroom decoration is perfectly suited for a beach holiday home or beach themed bathroom for obvious reasons.

Guests would love it too. Not only because it is beautiful, but because it's unusual and daring and probably unlike anything they have at home.

How to Make this Bathroom Decoration Work!

Although there is a lot of detail in this bathroom decoration, the overall effect is clean and restful because of the restricted palette.

It keeps mostly to turquoise and off-white on the walls with a rich terracotta on the floor and cabinet for contrast, to add warmth and to anchor the design.

ideas for mosaics

Note the small touches of mirror and terracotta mosaics in selected areas for a playful touch.

You may also want to visit our Turquoise Bathroom page for more pictures of this gem of a color.

For a more colorful and zany version of this treatment, as well as practical tips on using mosaics or standard tiles in a mosaic pattern, take a look at the ideas featured below:

A Riot of Color

colorful mosais

Decorating with Tiles

Tiny Tiles

mosaic decor

Mosaic Ideas

Transforming Standard Tiles

arranging tiles in patterns

Uniquely Tiled

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