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Bathroom Mosaic Tile - Small Tiles with Big Impact

Bathroom mosaic tile just beg to be played with. In large areas, in specially planned accent areas or when used to add the smallest detail.

And of course they are ideal to use in problem areas where big tiles just don't cut it.

Unlike some big tiles, they inherently have a tactile feel due to the ridges and grout grooves and they are so easy to manipulate.

bathroom mosaic tile

Small Gems of Color

You can use an uninterrupted single color of mosaic tiles in your chosen area.

A great idea though is to replace a few chosen tiles in playful, contrasting or complementary colors. By simply changing your bathroom accessories or a wall color, the eye will pick up those tiny splashes of color to create unity in your bathroom design.
bathroom mosaic tiles

If used in large areas on the wall or floor, the eye may blend them into a uniform whole, which may well be what you want to achieve.

If not, then do break up the expanse by inserting visual points of interest.

bathroom design with mosaic

Beautiful AND Practical

There are very few areas where mosaic tiles cannot be used.

A bathroom vanity can be constructed inexpensively and then given the royalty treatment with mosaics. The same goes for the tub surround and backsplash area. And of course, you can line the inside of a constructed bath with mosaic tiles. This gives you the design freedom to decide on your custom size and shape.

Mosaic tiles are easy to use even if you were using curved surfaces in your vanity or bath design.

Note the line of green color to unify the tub and vanity.

bathroom tiles


Picked for their Size

Many bathroom tiles are available in a variety of dimensions. Using the mosaic version with the large tile is a great way to finish off a tiled area.

Or how about using a few rows to frame around a bathroom mirror?

Natural stone bathroom tiles do have a tactile feel and richness in color, which contrasts beautifully with the smooth and clean-lined vessel sinks.

Off the Wall Ideas for Bathroom Mosaic Tile

Due to the honed qualities of most bathroom mosaic tile, they are ideal for the floor.

Create your "Carpet Tile" using traditional mosaics or by using a variety of materials and shapes.

bathroom floor tiles

Bathroom pebble tiles are available in a variety of colors and patterns. They are cleverly designed to interlock to create a seamless join.

An alternative is to embed pebbles into tile cement or a concrete slurry, after which a sealant is applied. (There should not be too pronounced lumps of stone).

Walking on a pebble carpet gives a therapeutic and gentle foot massage - great to use on the shower floor too.

Bathroom mosaic tile has been used for a long time on shower floors because it provides a non-slip surface. The little tile has come into its own though in bathroom design for much more than practical reasons.

They deserve to be noticed!

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Planning Your
Bathroom Mosaic
Tile Layout

  • Think of the big picture first and then refine the details
  • Use mosaics in transitional areas:
  • - where floor meets wall
  • - where a tiled area ends

...or wherever they take your fancy!

Take a look at some Free Mosaic Designs for inspiration and mosaic projects.

More Ideas
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