bathroom designs

Bathroom Designs and Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
That Work!

Beautiful bathroom designs can transform your home - whatever your budget!

You can create a restful haven for the master bathroom, a fun yet practical kids bathroom or experiment with imaginative ideas for the guest powder room.

It does not matter whether you are looking for remodeling ideas or planning a new bathroom - it all starts with the bathroom design.

You will find a wealth of bathroom decorating ideas on this site:

Bathroom Themes

Does the architecture of your house determine to a large extent the style of your bathroom? Maybe your house is Victorian and you wish to re-create the antique bathrooms of yesteryear - or you may enjoy an eclectic approach!

Perhaps you prefer the look of country bathrooms, a rustic bathroom or the uncluttered look of a Japanese bathroom.

Let us show you how to create that special look.

Bathroom Pictures

Print the pictures of bathrooms that you like and add your own notes of specific details that grabbed your attention.

Compiling a flip file with bathroom design ideas can be of great help to streamline your thoughts or to brief your designer.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Take a look at the many exiting ways to combine different materials, how to use standard tiles creatively or even create your own unique tiles. You are sure to find inspiration in the bathroom tile pictures on display.

bathroom designs

bathroom remodeling ideas

bathroom colors
Colors for Bathrooms

Who said you should not have a red bathroom?

Today's bathroom designs make use of every color imaginable. You can use bathroom colors to enhance certain features, or change the look of a neutral bathroom with the clever use of accent colors.

Painting bathrooms have never been easier and is a cost-effective way to breathe new life into tiles, floors, baths or vanities. You may even want to experiment with paint techniques to achieve your special look - it's not difficult to do at all!

bathroom window treatments

Bathroom Window Treatments

Do you enjoy draped silk, Victorian lace, or the clean lines of blinds? You can use bathroom curtains to add color or texture or to frame a picture window as the focal point. What are the practical considerations and how can you screen your privacy without restricting natural light?

Bathroom Floor Plans

Once you've drawn your floor plan and the main elements to scale, it becomes much easier to play around with your
bathroom layouts.

You can then make better provision for bathroom storage space, see how to add more natural light if necessary or change the focus of the room. You don't need to be an architect to do your own bathroom designs!

..and So Much More

We'll add practical tips for DIY bathroom remodeling, how to solve the challenges of small bathroom designs, bathroom shower designs, vanities, faucets, mirrors and how best to use bathroom lighting. Be sure to check back here often for updates.

The money spent on a designer bathroom is an investment! Realtors agree that an attractive kitchen and bathroom can turn an otherwise ordinary home into a quick seller. What more reason do you need to transform your room - and have a lot of fun in the process?

So, pour yourself a drink, take some time and browse through our bathroom decorating ideas. You are sure to find some bathroom designs and practical guidelines that will turn you into a designer.

An easy way to find specific bathroom ideas that you are looking for, is to simply enter your search term into the Google search bar at the top of this page.

We'd love to hear from you!

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How to really look at your bathroom:

  • Where is the focal point of the room
  • Where would you like to place accent in order to enhance the best features
  • What would you want to de-emphasize
  • What optical illusions do you want to achieve: e.g. make a room look higher, wider, lighter etc.

We'll bring you the best of what is available in the marketplace and showcase creative ways on how to use it.

How to Use this Site

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Do read the
comments accompanying
the photos - you may well find principles of bathroom design that you can
interpret and utilize
in your own unique way.


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